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HEV - Hybrid Electric Vehicle Safety Awareness Training
HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Car - Truck - Bus - TDLR Approved - Course #4467

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Why HEV Training?

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HEV   In-House Training Registration
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Registration Fee = $130.00 per/attendee which includes 2 to 3 Hour Class Room / 1 to 2 Hours Hands-On, Test,
Gold Sealed Certificate of Completion from Hybrid Hazards Co. & 1 Hybrid Vehicle Procedure Guide per/attendee.

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 300 to 650 Volts
Are Your First Responders Ready?

- Testimonials -
Training Photos

"This class was very well done. I never realized how dangerous hybrids were until this class."
Darren Carter -
West Lebanon, NH

"The Hybrid Safety class is a must attend class for towers & first responders. fantastic class!"
D & R Towing -
Nashua, NH

"This booklet is concise and easy to follow. This will help us to be prepared with the safety of our crew and the patient paramount."
S. Weekly - EMS Director -
Dysart, IA

"We currently have a hybrid training facility in our city. Hybrid vehicles are definitely becoming more popular and this quick reference guide will be extremely helpful."
Chris Theders - Blue Ash, Ohio

"Great product for your department or personal vehicle. A must for everyone in the public safety field."
Chief Hyler

"Well put together reference book!"
Dayton, OH
Chief Pavlak


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Step 1
Schedule a Class

Select the procedure guide type you would like
attendees to take home after Training.

Training packages include 1 HEV Procedure Guide-Per/Attendee

Road Service, Towing, Recovery and Recycler operations

Fire, Rescue, Police, EMS



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(xxx) xxx-xxxx

We have found 2 Day Training Events much better than 1 day events because of those who can NOT attend one day will attend the Day 2 event.

Most all 2 day training events are scheduled for Friday evening & Saturday morning, depending on employee's shift schedules.

*Select the Time Frame
that works for you
Additional Instructions,
requests or comments?
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Min. 25 Required

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Welcome to HybridHazards.info Hybrid Vehicle Quick Shut Down Field Guides 911 Operator Hybrid Vehicle Accident Awareness Q cards





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