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1 five gallon pail does the job of 4 - 5 gallon pails of AFFF

Contact Us for Details & Pricing on ALL ColdFire Products

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ColdFire is a unique multi purpose wetting fire suppression agent that will extinguish
Class A, B, D & K Fires as well as E-85.  Download MSDS Sheet


UL approved for class A 162 NFPA 18 and Class B for foam equipment UL 711.


Cold Fire™ is an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent that puts out ANY fire faster, safer, with less water, less damage to property, and less risk to firefighters. Cold Fire cools 21 times faster than water, and works to remove heat and the fuel sources from the fire tetrahedron, preventing re-ignition.

The suppressants in Cold Fire™ use water as a catalyst to remove the heat as well as encapsulate and break down the hydrocarbons in the fuel source to extinguish the fire more rapidly.

Multiple Applications Available
including Mobile Trailer Units!


Why ColdFire vs.
Other Foams?


  • pHas an indefinite shelf life.
  • Will not gel or gum up your equipment
  • You can leave it in your pumpers
  • Is Non-Toxic, non-corrosive and non-slip
  • It is 100% biodegradable
  • Is EPA Snap Approved
  • Encalsulates the hydrocarbons and starts breaking them down
  • Provides thermal insulation capability
  • Will help minimize heat exhaustion
  • Will use 60% less water
  • 1 five gallon pail will do the job of 4 - 5 gallon pails of AFFF

    Download MSDS Sheet



Contact Us for Details & Pricing on ALL ColdFire Products

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