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Hybrid Vehicle Safety Awareness Training Presentation
Presented by NH Towing Association & Hybrid Hazards Co.

Class Completed

All went Great! / 23 Operators of Towing Recovery and Fire Depts. were there for the class.

Everyone passed the Test at the end of the class and received their Gold Sealed Certificate from Hybrid Hazards Co. and NH Towing Association.

If you attended and would like to send in your feedback on the class CLICK HERE!

Class Information below...

Host Location:  The Red Blazer www.TheRedBlazer.com - 72 Manchester St - Concord, NH 03301
Saturday - April 18th 2009  8 AM - 4+ hrs.  Hybrid Vehicle Classroom & Hands on.
Registration: Contact Rene at 603-863-4206 or Email NewHampshireTA@comcast.net
Instructors: Patrick Bonanno / Michael Mosher from Hybrid Hazards Co.

Open to all Towing & Recovery Operators / Fire / Police / Rescue / EMS & Association heads.

This class will cover the following items..

  • Hybrid Vehicle General Guidelines and Warnings
  • 5 Ways to Identify a Hybrid Vehicle
  • High Voltage System Component Locations and Cable Routing
  • Intermediate Voltage System Component Locations and Cable Routing
  • Hidden 12 Volt Battery Locations & Quick 12v Disconnects
  • New Remote Battery Terminal Hookup Locations & Jump Starting
  • How to CORRECTLY Re-Energize a High Voltage Battery
  • Getting Familiar with Ignition Power On/Off Push Button / Smart Key Vehicles
  • Approach & Handling at Hybrid Vehicle Collision Scenes
  • Submerged Hybrid Vehicle Procedures
  • Hybrid Vehicle Fire Precautions
  • Recovery and Winching Precautions
  • Towing Precautions
  • Trusting Manufacturer's Built in Safety Systems and actual vehicle Defects
  • PPE Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hybrid Vehicle Safety Procedure Guide Information
  • This is a 40+ slide power point presentation with Q & A's along the way.
  • At the end a 10 Question Hybrid Vehicle Test will be given on items covered in class.
    Those who pass will receive a Gold Seal Certificate of Completion from Hybrid Hazards Co.

    Equipment and Hybrid Vehicle Prius Hands On Vehicle Provided by Allen from

     Chevron Wrecker Sales of NH.

    Procedure Guides on Site:

    Hybrid Vehicle High Voltage Shut Down Procedure Guides and a combined guide which includes both Jump Start Towing + high voltage shut down procedures will be available for sale after the class covering step by step procedures on 26 Hybrid Vehicle models on the road today.

    For future Hybrid Vehicle Safety Awareness Training call 401-781-4357 or contact Pat or Mike via our website Contact Form at www.hybridhazards.info 

Hotel Information

Comfort Inn
71 Hall Street
Concord, NH 03301
Click for Directions

Fairfield Inn
4 Gulf Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 224-4011
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